Interview with Christof Rauber

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What’s your background in food? How your love for food started?

In my professional life I did something unrelated to food. I do have a background in food as a hobby. I started this hobby when I was a kid because I love to cook. I stopped when my parents told me I have to wash the dishes. I consider myself a foodie who cooks from time to time but enjoys the dining experience so much!


Do you cook?

Not on a professional level. Just like a hobby. Free style cooking. I like to be inventive most of the time.


What is your signature dish?

I don’t have a particular dish. At the moment I’m into making my own pasta but I could mention a dish that I really love to cook since I was a kid. Maybe for some people this combination of ingredients could sound weird: “Bananas wrapped in ham, cooked in a tomato creamy sauce”. I took this recipe from a children’s cookbook and it’s one of my favorites although I don’t cook it much anymore.


You are originally from Zurich, Switzerland. How would you describe Swiss cuisine?

Swiss cuisine is very heavy. We use a lot of butter and cheese in our dishes, mostly dishes that you will eat in winter; like Raclette, Fondue, and Rosti. I personally don’t cook Swiss food so often.


What’s your favorite cuisine?

I love Asian and Italian cuisine.


What was your motivation to start the Secret dinner events?

It was a coincidence. I was in South Africa for Holidays. I was in Markets and Food Festivals, but one particular event caught my attention. We were picked up by a small bus. They took us to a secret spot where we had dinner. I really loved the whole experience! When I was back in Zurich I was looking for something similar here but it didn’t exist. That’s the reason I decided to run those events on my own.


What was your favorite Secrete dinner event?

My favorite was New York dining because I really found a very unique place in Zurich for that event. It was an abandoned Artistic University building. The backyard was full of graffiti. It was one spot that you definitely won’t find so easily in Zurich and it fits so well with the New York spirit. Our Chef Sandro created some amazing dishes as well. It was an evening to remember.


I know you have many projects going on. Your latest was your 10 days EY Restaurant. In your opinion what’s the key for a successful pop up Restaurant?

It has to be good! It has to be outstanding. I always try to serve exquisite and unique food. But we create an experience on top. We always tell a story about the food, the evening, the location. A good story is always at the heart of everything I do.


Is there a chef that you would like to work with? What’s your favorite chef?

I have a few in mind but in general I like Chefs who are trying something new. I have to mention Chef Sandro Zinggeler. He is working with me in our Secret dinners and many of my other projects. He is such a talented young chef. He combines unusual ingredients and makes them fit together. For example, in his last dessert he used celery, yogurt, avocado and chocolate. Those ingredients were blending so well together, very tasteful, soft and refined.


In which city of the world you would eat your last meal?

Cape Town


And what would be your last meal?

It must be spicy with lots of herbs. I love seafood, chilly and cilantro. Ceviche could be my last meal.


What’s your opinion about our Food and Friends community?

What I found very unique about the Food and Friends community is the variety of international people attending the events. Food and Friends gives you the chance of sharing your passion for food while you are socializing and meeting interesting people. Super cool events!


Any final thoughts you'd like to share with us? You could tell us about your new project coming up this summer.

I have a new project coming up this summer. A bar for the Euro cup 2016. The bar will be in a Rooftop Terrace in Langstrasse with a big screen to watch the games and we will serve some great food and drinks. The bar will be open from June 10th to July 10th.



About Christof Rauber

Christof Rauber studied Business at the University of St Gallen. Afterwards he worked for Procter and Gamble before he became an Entrepeneur in the food industry in 2014.

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