Group Trip to Peru

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Dear Foodie,

If you are a food lover this is the trip for you!

I was born in Peru but I lived several years in New York. One of my hobby at this time was to try different kind of food from all over the world. So I started to compare Peruvian food with the cuisines of other countries. Day by day I got convinced about richness and variety of the Peruvian cuisine. But Peru does not only offer delicious food; we have great history and culture! That’s the reason I want to take you to the land of the Incas!

We will spend two weeks in Peru! Lima and Cusco cities are a must!
The idea is to experience Peru like a local. I still have family and friends there and I’m completely sure you guys will love the trip! Discovering the Peruvian cuisine, learn about our history, visit great cities like Lima and Cusco and of course meet and party with the locals. What else to say?

If you are interested to join our trip please send me an email to
I will contact you with further information!
Hasta pronto!

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